1. The official name of the competition is the VII JORMA PANULA Conducting Competition, Vaasa, Finland.

2. Competitors must be citizens of  European Union member states, Switzerland or a
Nordic  country (Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden).

3. The upper age limit is 40 years, i.e. competitors must not have reached 41 years of age before 13 November 2018.

4. Twenty competitors and three reserve competitors will be selected from among the applicants.

5. Applications must reach the Competition Office by 5th April 2018.


 - Curriculum Vitae (please provide no more than 10 items)

 - Professional information and biography (no more than 500 characters)

-  A copy of a valid passport

 - Three different photos (new/recent), digital format jpeg, tiff (max 4 MB, resolution 300dpi)

-  Video recording: Attached link which includes digitally recorded  video material for downloading (on Youtube, Vimeo),  or if the application is delivered by post it may include a DVD or memory stick (file format AVI, MOV; MPG)

6. The video recording must include material that shows the competitor conducting an orchestra in rehearsal and concert situations, total length 20 minutes.

7. The selection will be made on the basis of the recordings by the end of May 2018.

8. The participation fee is 400 euros. (To be charged only from applicants chosen for the first round).