COMPETITORS  VIII Jorma Panula Conducting Competition will be announced in June 2021.


COMPETITORS 2018, VII Jorma Panula Conducting Competition

The contestants of the VII International Jorma Panula Conducting Competition announced
This time the competition received 145 accepted applications of which 20 competitors were chosen from 11 different European countries with four reserve competitors. In total, the applicants represented 23 different European countries.



Carlos Ocana Arroyo, Spain

Jonas Ehrler, Switzerland

Kaapo Ijas, Finland

Virginia Martinez, Spain

Ondrej Vrabec, Czech Republic


On the wait list:

Markus Luomala (Finland)
Fergus McAlpine (Great Britain)







Stefan Bone, Germany

Gaddiel Dombrowner, France

Ales Kománek, Czech Republic

Dimas Ruiz Santos, Spain

Angus Webster, United Kingdom




Ross Jamie Collins, Finland/United Kingdom

Pierre-Antoine Marçais, France

Piero Lombardi Iglesias, Spain/Italy

Antonin Rey, France

Katharina Wincor, Austria




Diogo Manuel Almeida Costa, Portugal

Ka Hou Fan; Portugal

Frantisek Macek, Czech Republic

Benjamin Schäfer, Germany

Johannes Zahn, Germany